Problem solving

Investors in a wireless ISP concerned about customer churn and lagging growth asked Isotropic to determine the root cause and to design and manage a "get well" program.

The initial review highlighted significant problems in factory support for the wireless equipment, access network design rules, external radio interference, configuration problems in the core IP network and last, but not least, organizational and management issues.

The "get well" project consisted of a cooperative, parallel effort of key vendors and several internal departments guided by Isotropic. The "get well" program results in improved top line business results through redesign of vendor support, design and operating practices and training on key issues.

Merger and acquisition due diligence and support

A media company targeted a number of struggling Internet Service Providers for acquisition withe intent of forming a regional ISP's. Knowing that the intrinsic value of the existing networks and their suitability for efficiently being merged together was critical to the success of the project, management asked Isotropic to conduct a network review of each target followed by a realistic appraisal of potential synergies.

As the acquisitions progressed Isotropic assisted the company in the development of a new network architecture which merged the best parts of the existing networks with state of the art security designs to form a modern, robust composite network.

Board Support

The Board of a telecommunications company decided to retain Isotropic to objectively review its major technology investment and organizational decisions. This included review of the technology sections of its quarterly and annual reports.

Cyber Security

No network issue has rocketed to the top of the priority list faster than Cyber Security in the last few years. Despite its importance, increasing the security budget is only part of the solution and it needs to be right-sized, not oversized.

Let Isotropic help you plan and execute the best mix of technical, operational and cultural solutions for your company.

Cost Reduction

The CFO and COO of a national service company viewed, with some dismay the growing erosion of the bottom line by network costs that had been inexorably rising year over year.

Working with management and the departments responsible for the various parts of the companies network Isotropic devised and executed a successful network cost reduction plan which reduced costs in both the internal and customer facing networks.

Merging financial service companies decided to outsource their combined networks. Isotropic's unique ability to help find a suitable vendor and manage significant network changes helped the companies actually realize the cost synergies necessary for the success of the merger.

Network design and development review

A national wireless network provider began exploring an entirely new product line and asked Isotropic to help with the technical aspects of product development and in negotiations with prospective network partners.